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14th-Feb-2011 11:38 pm - kgPanels Scripts
To get what the frame's name is, put this in a macro and keybind it, then press the keybind while hovering over the frame you want to know:
(to get chat frame numbers you have to hover over the tabs)
/run ChatFrame1:AddMessage(GetMouseFocus():GetName())

Resizing a panel when a chat box changes size:
*Put in OnLoad*
self:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", ChatFrame1, "TOPLEFT", -10, 13)
self:SetPoint("BOTTOMRIGHT", ChatFrame1, "BOTTOMRIGHT", 10, -15)

ChatFrame1 is changed to whichever frame number it really is.

Resizing a panel with the Minimap:
*Put in OnLoad*
self:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", Minimap, "TOPLEFT", -10, 10)
self:SetPoint("BOTTOMRIGHT", Minimap, "BOTTOMRIGHT", 10, -10)

Minimap is changed to whichever frame name it really is.

- Resize with Omen
*Put in Onload*
self:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", OmenBarList, "TOPLEFT", -6, 6)
self:SetPoint("BOTTOMRIGHT", OmenBarList, "BOTTOMRIGHT", 6, -6)

- Show when Omen shown
*Put in OnUpdate*
if Omen.BarList:IsVisible() and (self:GetAlpha() == 0) then

elseif (not Omen.BarList:IsVisible()) and (self:GetAlpha() == 1) then

- Resize with Recount
*Put in Onload*
self:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", Recount_MainWindow, "TOPLEFT", -4, -6)
self:SetPoint("BOTTOMRIGHT", Recount_MainWindow, "BOTTOMRIGHT", 2, -4)

- Show when Recount shown
*Put in OnUpdate*
if Recount.MainWindow:IsVisible() and (self:GetAlpha() == 0) then

elseif (not Recount.MainWindow:IsVisible()) and (self:GetAlpha() == 1) then
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27th-Jul-2010 11:18 pm - The Stormwind Gallery
My screenshot gallery dream has taken shape in the form of The Stormwind Gallery.

It is home to my screenshots from World of Warcraft: many beautiful landscapes and cityscapes. Included will be pictures from Classic, Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm Beta, and Cataclysm!

As of now all of my Classic and Cataclysm Beta pictures are up, and I'm sorting through BC. I have thousands to add.

If you are curious as to what date and/or time the image was taken, the file name will tell you:
ie. amiyuy_072310_175619 was taken on July 23, 2010 at 17:56:19.

All images are free for use by others as that is the intent of creating the site in the first place. However, I do ask that if you use them for anything other than just on your own computer that you give me credit.

March 16, 2012-
341 Cataclysm Beta pictures added (finally got around to finishing uploading them)
14 Log-in screen
13 Stormwind City
1 Lost Isles Map (Goblins)
1 Kezan Map (Goblins)
189 Worgen character creation and starting area questing
15 The Stonecore instance
6 changes: Riding training costs, Reforging and Dalaran trainers in place of portals
86 Twilight Highlands Alliance opening questline
2 Eastern Kingdoms maps (1 Flight)
2 Badlands
1 Burning Steppes
1 Cape of Stranglethorn
1 Redridge Mountains
1 Searing Gorge
1 Twilight Highlands
1 Dustwallow Marsh
1 Feralas
1 Northern Barrens
3 Silithus

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23rd-Jul-2010 01:14 pm - Loremaster & Cataclysm Beta

FINALLY completed Loremaster in the early AM on Wednesday, July 21! My last quest was "Matis the Cruel" in Blood Watch on Bloodmyst Isle. I am officially done with all the achievements I "had" to have done before the next expansion. It put me at 8930 achievement points, 70 short of "It's Over Nine Thousand!" I don't expect to get that one until patch 4.0 or Cataclsym hits. I feel "done" with the game currently as I've lost interest in raiding for the time being and I've finished all of my other "reachable" goals.

In other news, I was able to get my hands on a Cataclsym Closed Beta invite from Tore's friend Kali who now works at Blizzard. I've been enjoying taking tons of screenshots, exploring, and Tore (who also has a key) and I checked out the Goblin starting zone on Wednesday night. I now have an awesome little Hunter goblin girl named Safety with her crab Stock.
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Don't panic!

Getting hacked is scary, unpleasant and upsetting. However, Blizzard will help you and you will get it all back, all you need is some patience.

You need to do your part though to secure your computer and accounts.

  • Have I been hacked?
  • How did I get hacked?
    1. But I don't buy gold or go to bad websites!
    2. But I have an authenticator!
  • What do I do now?
    1. Don't panic
    2. Clean your computer
    3. Change your passwords
    4. My account was banned!
    5. An authenticator was added
    6. Contact Blizzard to start restoration
  • What should I do to keep this from happening again?
  • My friend/guildmate has been hacked, what can I do?
  • I lost my authenticator!
  • Is this email from "Blizzard" real?

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Music by EmberIsolte:
"Shut Up and Grind"
"Ninja Raiders"

Ravenholdt is a reputation needed for "the Insane" title.

As a hunter I've been doing 4500 to 6000 rep per hour (5 rep per kill through 11999 Honored) in Durnholde Keep.

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17th-Nov-2009 03:44 pm - Tag List
Guess what, it's still around the same amount of tags we have now (306)! 294 not including the ones asked about here in the questions.

1) Boys tag?

2) "dungeon" or "instance"?

3) Do we want separate ones for each world event? I personally would prefer seperate ones.

4) class: druid: resto
druid: resto
I can go either way.

5) Need an "alts" tag somewhere, what category?

6) "ridiculously useful posts" needed?

7) "gay/lesbian" fits where? Has 20 uses.

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***Note: Beast Mastery is not the highest DPS hunter spec currently. BM has been buffed though and is what I would call raid-viable, but not necessarily raid optimal. To maximize damage as a hunter Marks and Survival are vying for top specs. Which is best for you depends on your gear level and raid make-up.***

This guide includes information that is mostly centered around level 80 Beast Mastery raiding, however the Links, Addons, Enchants, Raid Supplies, Pet, Macros and Beginning Wrath Gear & Reps can apply for all specs for the most part and there are a few leveling (which BM is still arguably the best spec for) sections in Talents and Pets. I am a BM hunter and it is what I know best.

Overall Hunter Info:
Hunter: PvE DPS in WotLK from Elitist Jerks

The Survival Hunter in WotLK from Elitist Jerks
Survival Hunter PvE Raiding Guide by Xumio
Survival Hunter PvE Primer by troll_huntress

Marksman Questions from Elitist Jerks
Marksmanship Hunter PvE Primer by troll_huntress

If I missed something please feel free to comment and I'll add it.

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X-posted to here.
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This effect is used in the last boss in DTK, in Borean Tundra's Riplash Strand and Garrosh's Landing, Icecrown's "Infra Green" quests, and the new Argent Crusade quest area - Hrothgar's Landing. It's also quite sickening to look at for some people and makes those areas unplayable.

Without any changes to the Config file:

The Echo of Ymiron quest

With the change:

The Echo of Ymiron quest

What to do:
1) While in-game type: /console SET ffx "0".
2) Restart the game to save it.
1) Completely Exit WoW or while already out of game.
2) Find your World of Warcraft folder (Default- C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft, Vista- C:\Users\Public\World of Warcraft).
3) Go to the WTF folder inside.
4) Open your Config.wtf file with Notepad (or the equivalent for Mac).
5) Add the following to the end of the file: SET ffx "0"
6) Save and close.
7) Re-start WoW and make sure it worked.

Note: Not only does this get rid of the fog, but it will also disable Full Screen Glow from working, regardless of the status of the checkbox in-game.

(Discovered while fighting with a very old Config file of mine that refused to let Full Screen Glow turn on and I decided to share since I know it can make some people ill and just plain annoys others, including me. I didn't even know the areas HAD the fog originally because I was using that Config file, I only discovered it after I'd deleted it to get the glow working. XD)

X-posted to here.
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I started this project about a month ago when I was at around 80 some mounts and got the Polar Bear reigns in my daily bag (I did it on and off, just when I happened to be in the zone). Finally got around to farming the Wintersaber one when I was stuck on a crappy laptop that couldn't handle Northrend and then this last week farming all of the cloth and ore to get Tailoring and Engineering up.

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Publicly viewable and usable online spreadsheet.

- Columns with light blue backgrounds are the ones for you to fill in.
- Cells with red-colored upper right corners have comments that will show up if you hover over them.
- If you want to save a version for yourself use the Export button on the upper right hand side.

- This is a Work-In-Progress.
- The first sheet ("Brood of Nozdormu") should be all correct unless otherwise noted.
- I have not completed my Brood reputation or the Scepter line (only at the first BWL portion), so there will be updates over time to the reputation gains from things. If you are working on the Scepter line and could confirm the rep amounts and let me know that would be great!

If something doesn't work or is confusing please let me know!

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